Latest Episode: My Pregnancy – Week 40

Congratulations! You’ve reached, what will most likely be, the final week in your pregnancy (if you haven’t delivered already)! Your baby has probably reached her birth weight by this week in your pregnancy. 

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  1. Kerrymelia says:

    I am 14 weeks and 4 days pregnant today my due date is 14th febuary 2017 i got 7 kids only one girl i love another girl i suffered 3 miscarriage within july 2015 one bavk in 2005 and march 20q6

  2. Grace says:

    my plan was thrown out the window with this last baby, 1 hour 50 minutes- start of pain until birth. i felt like i was going to die, baby was born blue- in distress…. no urge at all to push

  3. StrongMom says:

    Thanks that was motivational, ill be 40 wks in four days. I haven’t dilated nothing. Im miserable and fed up with being pregnant. Im hoping I get induced!

  4. Gingerbence says:

    I can’t find 24 week

  5. Mendo_Baby says:

    i cant find week 20

  6. ana says:

    thnks for every detai yall are great


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