Out-of-Home Care

The decision to entrust your child into the care of someone else is always difficult. Deciding which type of school is best for you and your family can be confusing. You may ponder the various types of education available. Are the teachers qualified? What exactly is taught?

To help you feel confident in your decision making process and your choice, below you will find information on the various options available.

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Checklist for Choosing a Safe Day Care

By Madonna Behen for Sniffle Solutions Narrow down your choices and find a safe day care ...
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Home Daycare Costs

Today, childcare is a major household expense. It is also an important investment worthy ...
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Daycare Center Costs

For most families, child-care is not a choice these days; it is a ...
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Deciding on a Daycare

You truly need to feel comfortable and happy with the daycare you choose; ...
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Family Daycare

Family daycare is provided by individual caregivers in their own homes. Home-based ...
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How to Select a Quality Daycare Center

Selecting quality childcare for your child is an important task, but it does not ...
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