Sports & Extracurricular Activities

From first thing in the morning to the very end of the day, your preschooler is ready for fun and adventure. Check out these resources to find games, activities, and information to keep every day interesting. It's up to you to try to keep up. Good luck!

Activities & Entertainment - Preschooler
Should You Enroll Your Toddler in Athletics?

When parents bring home a brand new baby they often spend time daydreaming of all ...
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Broken Bones & Strains

Our bones—all 206 of them—are so important and amazing. Bones provide our bodies with ...
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Tooth Injuries

When you have young children, the falls that happen during active play come sometimes ...
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6 Ways to Naturally Keep Mosquitoes Away

I don’t know about y’all, but we’ve certainly seen our fair share of rain this ...
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17 Active Skills Your Child Should Learn

Preschoolers are increasingly independent and develop many of these skills naturally, but ...
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3 Summer Camps for Kids with Celiac Disease

Children and teenagers with celiac disease (also known as gluten intolerance) ...
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