Boo-Boos & Broken Bones

Bumps and bruises are just a part of life with an adventurous preschooler. However, that doesn't mean there aren't steps you can take to ensure his safety - as much as possible - without locking him in his room. Find the information and advice you need to keep him safe in these articles.

Safety & Injuries - Preschooler
The Itchy and Scratchy Facts about Casts

When our little ones are sick or hurt, or main focus is their well-being. Kissing ...
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Broken Bones & Strains

Our bones—all 206 of them—are so important and amazing. Bones provide our bodies with ...
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Tooth Injuries

When you have young children, the falls that happen during active play come sometimes ...
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Childhood Concussions: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention Methods

When most people hear the word concussion, they think of a person being knocked ...
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Toddlers Do Break Bones

There is no chance your toddler will never fall down. Luckily toddlers have supple ...
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Bumps and Bruises

As a parent, you are no doubt always watching out for hazards and dangers in your ...
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