Caring for My Kid

Your child still needs you very much - especially when he is sick. Find advice and tips for helping him feel better, as well as for supporting him through other challenges, below.

Caring for My Kid - Parenting My Everyday Kid
4 Toddler Fights That Aren’t Worth Having

Toddlers love to push our buttons. They're at that perfect age where they want to do what ...
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How to Kick Mom Guilt to the Curb

You know that feeling you get when you try and you try, but you still feel like you ...
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I Said I Would Never Baby Wear… I Was Wrong

I remember when babywearing started becoming really mainstream a few years before I had ...
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5 Ways to Cure a Cranky Toddler

Normally, my oldest little will come into my room in the morning at the speed of ...
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Do Your Young Children Share a Room? 5 Spectacular Tips for Success!

Whether you need your children to share a room for lack of space, or you want to promote ...
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Anesthesia: What to Expect and How to Prepare Your Child

It is always frightening, for both parents and children, to learn that a child must ...
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