All families are special, and whether yours deals with premature birth, multiples, single parenting, military service, illness, or any other challenge, we hope you will find articles, information, and support here.

Special Circumstances - Baby
10 Ways to Develop Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is developed much like anything else in our lives: over ...
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Helping Siblings Love Your New Baby

All of the changes that occur when a new baby is added may bring many challenges, ...
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5 Ways to Say “I Love You!”

Are you looking for a meaningful way to say "I love you" to your loved ones? Do you ...
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Lesbian & Gay Couples: Staying Connected as We Build Our Families

There's no denying that more and more gay men and lesbians are becoming parents. ...
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Resources for Adoptive Parents

Adoption is a complicated, emotional experience, and that's why there are ...
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